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Our History

A Strong, Present-Day Witness
Thank you for visiting our website. First Baptist Church, Kenner is a strong and vibrant part of the evangelical work in the metropolitan area of Greater New Orleans. We are a testimony to God’s faithfulness and to the strong commitment our church members have had to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this predominantly Catholic community. Ours is a strong, present-day witness.

A Rich Heritage of Commitment
In 1926, Kenner was a sleepy little suburb of New Orleans. Third Street (Jefferson Highway) was the main road that followed the river from the big city. Williams Boulevard was a dirt road at the edge of the swamp. Twelve Baptist families in Kenner wanted to begin a church in their city (there were only a Catholic and a Presbyterian church at that time). In March of that year, a young preacher (a Baptist Bible Institute student; now the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary), took the OK streetcar to begin meeting with the group for Bible Study. This faithful congregation became the First Baptist Church on December 6, 1926. Ours is a rich heritage of commitment.

A Vibrant Future for Ministry
Celebrating our 80th year in 2006, this congregation has endured much to remain a strong, evangelical witness in this community. We hope that you will take the time to come and worship with us, study God’s Word in a small group, and roll up your sleeves in one of our many mission/ministry activities.

At First Baptist Church we have a place for you and your family. Join with us.



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