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Remix - Youth Ministry

REMIX - Youth Ministries

Our goal in Revolution Ministries as an extension of the body of local believers is to be the hands and feet of Christ everywhere we go, and to bring a Revolutionary Gospel through not only words but also actions fueled by the love that the Father has bestowed upon us. Our task is not an easy one, but it is our task. With guidance and wisdom from God, and a little help from parents and volunteers (just kidding, a lot of help!), we will complete this task that has been set before all Christians.

To accomplish all this work we have many activities built around the ministry to train up our young people to become mighty warriors for the cause of Christ. We have Sunday School activities, Wednesday night Bible studies, local mission projects, summer mission camps, and some mission trips.

Sunday School (starting at 9am on Sundays) is consists of individual male and female classes that are broken up by grades so that Biblical materials can be taught appropriately. On Wednesday nights (6:30pm Wednesday Nights) our very own “house band” that consists of youth and youth volunteers leads us in God glorifying worship, and along with prayer and a sound message from the Bible, we encounter God so that He may change our lives and our hearts.


Missions Activities

We take many trips to camps and ministry sites throughout the year. Some camps/weekends include M-FUGE, YEC, Collision, and some conferences. At these places we hear sound doctrine being preached that creates or strengthens an already existing desire to be a Revolutionary for Christ.

Local Missions/ Services

Many of our youth serve in other areas of our church. Some participate in our great Sanctuary Choir and Sanctuary Orchestra. Others serve in our food pantry that provides food for local families in need. And some help with our Brotherhood Breakfast that meets on every first Sunday of the month.

This is how Revolutionaries are trained. We provide a well-rounded experience in the ministry of loving people through the sharing of the gospel, fulfilling their physical needs and listening to sound biblical preaching. Remember that our task, our calling, isn’t an easy one. But with proper training and sensitivity to God’s will we can Revolutionalize the world.



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